Image Management

Brand softening and management for better view, Self-packaging through coaching and grooming, and Building customer base through corporate image for more sales in the market

Training and Facilitation

Training and Facilitation, Networking for professional and economic sustainability, Personal on personal finance management and investment, and Public and media speaking

Strategic Management and Planning

Development of organizational strategic plans, Periodic monitoring and evaluation of execution of organizational strategic plans, and Strategy analysis and implementation

Professional Counselling

Managing stress and stressful environment to save lives, secure careers and restore relationships in families and work places and Pain management out of loss of life or property, through loss and grief management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Systems, Inventory Management and Stock taking, Logistics and Warehousing, Asset Valuation and tagging, and Supply Chain Agency

Customized Consultancy

Monitoring and Evaluation, Surveys, Feasibility studies and Technical Assessments, Project Planning and Management, Organizational Review, Analysis and Design, and Product Planning and Quality Management